Frequently Asked Questions of ArtiGrass on Artificial Grass Turf

Can I install artificial grass on top of my existing lawn?

This is not recommended as the existing turf will die and compact to give an uneven surface.

A proper installation will include the removal of existing grass to a depth of between 50-100mm and replaced with a weed membrane, 50-100mm of half-inch stone/quarry dust mix, and a 20mm layer of sharp sand.

This provides a drainage system as standard in every install we carry out, and ensures your garden will never be waterlogged again, and allowing you to get the maximum number of years out of your investment.


How long will artificial grass last?

Life expectancy of the synthetic grass is 20 plus years, and we give a guarantee of 10 years.


What maintenance is required?

Very little indeed. You need to remove any debris which falls onto the grass - a blower vac for the garden is great, as well as helping realign the fibres, and if there are any weeds (see below for further instruction).


How will our pets react to artificial grass?

Your pets should be fine. Any droppings are easy to remove or wash away. Pets tend to treat artificial grass just like normal turf except they can't dig up the lawn anymore! If you have very heavy use from pets, such as in a kennels, then we can recommend disinfectant which will help remove the smell and kill any bacteria. However this action is rarely needed for normal domestic use. We should also point out that any of the grasses in our range are suitable for pets.

What holds down artificial grass?

ArtiGrass installs a splayed treated timber frame around the area to be grasses at the time the stone goes in, and attaches the turf to that. It is much quicker to replace a piece of wood in ten years, then trying to remove weed filled sand-infilled products! And far less costly.

Can I put a barbecue on top of the lawn?

While our artificial grass is fire retardant, it is not recommended that you put a barbecue on top of the grass, instead you should stand the BBQ on top of slabs.

Is artificial grass safe for children?

Absolutley. In fact nurseries, schools and childmnders are aware of how much additional time it allows for children to play outside, as they no longer have to worry about dragging muck back into the classrooms, and is usable even after rain!

What about the colour fastness of artificial grass?

As all of our products come from a Spanish artificial grass manufacturer, they recognise this area of special attention and test our products to ISO standards for both UV resistance and colour fastness.


Will weeds grow on the artificial grass lawn?

Strangely the answer is yes, hence why as standard practise we do not use an infill as no sand is weed resistant!  The sand infill can provide a hydroponic environment for the seeds to root. During the installation process we lay a membrane to reduce the risk of weeds from the bottom, although you will still get the odd one from the top that you will need to pull out. Artificial grass is not completely maintenance free!

What are the applications when artificial grass can be used?

Lawns and landscaping are the most common uses. Sports playing surfaces are also very popular for artificial grass installations, from tennis courts and putting greens to soccer pitches.

There are many other uses, for instance:

  1. Roof gardens
  2. Patios
  3. Swimming pool surrounds
  4. Children's play areas
  5. Pet friendly areas, dog exercise runs, kennels
  6. Conservatories
  7. Garages
  8. Exhibitions
  9. Shopping Centres
  10. Showrooms - cars, garden centres, etc

Advantages of artificial grass

From saving money to saving time, especially on lawn maintenance, artificial grass can also improve lifestyle and help with environmental issues. Here are some examples:

  • Low maintenance
  • No watering
  • Child friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • Usable 365 days a year
  • Durability with visual appeal
  • Ideal for areas of heavy usage
  • All year round green
  • Cleaner and more hygienically safe
  • Very effective where natural grass is not a practical option