Realistic Artificial Grass Product Range


Ranges to suit both budget and needs…


Within our range of artificial grasses, you will find something to suit both your budget and your needs.


Here at ArtiGrass we care about the quality and affordability of our artificial grass. We aim to provide the best products at the most realistic prices.


Our commitment to quality drives us forward constantly to import artificial grasses that provide superior quality for our customers.


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All our grasses are…

  • Child friendly, non-abrasive
  • Pet friendly
  • Durable
  • UV resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Nonflammable
  • Infill free
  • Available in 4m and 2m widths


Albatros 30mm artificial grass


Albatros offers a shorter pile while losing none of the colour or memory effect available in the Master 35mm. The mix of monofilament and textured fibres with root effect offers a good density to the grass and provides a lush texture with combined softness.


4 colours in the grass

Good memory recovery

Pile, density and softness best quality for money


£34.00p/sqm plus VAT (includes installation)

Master Memory 35mm




Master Memory 35mm artificial grass is a brilliant quality product with a high end finish. It's family friendly and very realistic looking. The high density of fibres gives this product a soft cushioned texture underfoot, and the combination of monofilament and textured fibres root effect ensures good product recovery.


4 colours in the grass

Good memory recovery

Density and pile offers great value for money


£42.00 p/sqm plus VAT (includes installation)

Golf Pro 16mm




The Golf Pro 16mm is a great addition to any keen golfers back garden. The best product available on the domestic market. Teamed with any of the above grasses you can create a 'rough chipping area' that doubles as a play area for the children. An all year-round area of use for the big kids and the wee ones.


2 colours in the grass

Tight woven for a realistic putting green finish

No-infill required

Premium product


£52.00 p/sqm plus VAT (includes installation) 



  • standard surface removal and disposal
  • half-inch stone, quarry dust (hardcore sub-base for drainage)
  • membrane
  • sharp sand
  • timber frame